Broda Shaggi – Full Squad (feat. Mr Macaroni, Mummy Wa, Beerah, Officer Woos & Small Stout)

Nigerian comedian Broda Shaggi has released a new skit titled “Full Squad” in which he teams up with his girlfriend Beerah to extort money from Daddy Wa and his wife over an incident that happened many years ago.

The skit features an all-star cast including Mr. Macaroni, Kemz Mama, Officer Woos, and Nkubi. It revolves around an old incident involving Daddy Wa and his wife, which Broda Shaggi and Beerah use to their advantage.

The skit begins with Broda Shaggi and Beerah meeting up to discuss their plan. They come up with a plan to extort money from Daddy Wa and his wife by pretending to have evidence of an old incident involving them.

They set up a meeting with Daddy Wa and his wife, and using their acting skills, they convince the couple that they have evidence of the incident. Daddy Wa and his wife, fearing the potential damage to their reputation, agree to pay Broda Shaggi and Beerah a sum of money to keep the incident under wraps.

However, things take a hilarious turn when it’s revealed that the evidence Broda Shaggi and Beerah have is not what it seems. The skit is full of laughs and showcases the comedic talents of all involved.

Broda Shaggi has become one of Nigeria’s most popular comedians, with his skits and stand-up comedy shows drawing large audiences across the country. His unique brand of humor has won him many fans and his skits often go viral on social media.

In “Full Squad”, he continues to showcase his comedic talents alongside a talented cast of comedians. The skit is well-produced and features high-quality camera work and editing, adding to the overall viewing experience.

Overall, “Full Squad” is a hilarious skit that will have viewers laughing from start to finish. Broda Shaggi and his co-stars deliver a great performance that is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans.

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